[pmwiki-users] Sisterly recipe only works on home wiki

Audun Myhra Bergwitz bergwitz at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 09:40:39 CST 2009

I'm experimenting with the Sisterly recipe, and has a problem. One wiki
is able to include pages from the other wiki, but not the other way around.

the pages are <http://sosialspace.humla.info> and <http://humla.info>

humla.info is the home wiki and is able to searhc and include pages from
the sosialspace wiki,
but the sosialspace-wiki can't include pages from the humla wiki.

Any ideas? Does CleanUrls (URL Rewriting) affect the Sisterly recipe?
Any other recipes that could affect the Sisterly recipe?

farmconfig.php looks like this:

<?php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit();
$FarmPubDirUrl = "http://humla.info/pmwiki/pub";

# some other recipes

## Sisterly allows searching across several wikis on this server. The
array defines which folders are included
$EnableLinkPageRelative = 0;
# Required for sisterly to work properly
$SisterFmt = array(
'Humla' => array(
	'dirfmnt' => '/home/humla/www/pmwiki/wiki.d/{$FullName}',
	'scripturl' => 'http://humla.info',
	'attachurlprefix' => 'http://humla.info' ),
'Sosialspace' => array(
	'dirfmt' => '/home/sosialspace/www/pmwiki/wiki.d/{$FullName}',
	'scripturl' => 'http://sosialspace.humla.info',
	'attachurlprefix' => 'http://sosialspace.humla.info' ),

I'd really like this to work. At the moment I actually only need one way
access, but I might need two-way access later on.


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