[pmwiki-users] ReviewMe tags on pmwiki.org

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Thu Jan 29 04:43:49 CST 2009

Hi Petko,

I noticed you starting to add ReviewMe tags to some Cookbook pages.
What is the intended purpose for these?

I guess you do not mean to invite others to add a review to the recipe
;) [I would like to see addition of short reviews to recipes]

So is the ReviewMe tag a reminder for yourself, or a reminder to the
author to fix some things, or to the page maintainer to change things
on the page, or what?

It could be taken that something is amiss with the recipe, which may
or may not be the case. I presume that most recipes have some bugs
showing up from time to time. I fear a ReviewMe tag may put users
off, like a red flag.


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