[pmwiki-users] upload does not overwrite

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Thu Jan 29 03:01:05 CST 2009

On 28 jan 2009, at 22:41, Launa Morris wrote:

> It has actually had this same problem for weeks. I also noticed that  
> files uploaded after I upgraded last summer are listed under webservd.

It could be that the web server is running under the "username"  
webservd while you have another username, let's say 'X'. If you log  
into your account and look at the listing (either using the command  
line or your ftp program) you should be able to see some kind of  
listing that looks something like this

drwxr-xr-x@  1 X  staff     4594 17 Jan 16:10 uploads

If I add some codes to that to better being able to explain

-rw-r--r--@  1 X  staff     4594 17 Jan 16:10 logo1.jpg
  111222333     4  55555          666666666666 777777777

7 - the directory name

6 - when the directory was created/changed

5 - which 'group' the directory belongs to

4 - who owns the directory

3 - what permissions all users have, in this case 'rx' = read and
     execute which means that anyone can look into this directory

2 - what permissions users belonging to the group have, in this
     case 'rw' = read, write. All users belonging to this group
     can look into this directory

1 - what permissions the owner have, in this case 'rwx' = read, write
     and execute. In other words the owner can create files in this
     directory but no one else

If it looks like this on your server and the server is set up to run  
as 'webservd' and you have the username 'X' it means that the web  
server isn't allowed to create files in that folder (can't upload). If  
so, you need to arrange so that the web server can write to the  
directory - the best way to do this varies depends on how the server  
is set up so you better ask the people who runs the server. (there is  
a simple way but it might be unsafe)


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