[pmwiki-users] Getting self populating groups to work consistantly?

Carl Fallon carlfallon at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 27 15:28:25 CST 2009

G'day everyone, 
I am trying to sort a list of individual marine species pages into groups but an having some consistancy problems with the self generating group page lists. Can anyone help me? 
The list of pages are here:
Here is the one of the codes i am adding on the species pages to link them to the group of invertebrate and ClamsSnailsOctopi-Mollusca:
[[!Invertebrates]] | [[!ClamsSnailsOctopi-Mollusca]]
This is one of the pages that i have added the code to:
The code is linking to the group page (Which is a start), but then it only lets some of the pages that i add it to  populate in the page list on that group page. What am I doing wrong? Why doesnt it bring ALL the pages linked to the group page up in the page list?
Here is the Invertebrates page: http://www.botanybaywatch.com.au/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Category.Invertebrates
Thankyou all for helping me out!
Carl Fallon
Botany Bay Watch
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