[pmwiki-users] repost: problem with PTV and if= date in pagelists

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Jan 27 12:22:20 CST 2009

> (:pagelist if="date {$:Time}":)
> where Time is a PageTextVariable. As I understand the documentation on
> Pagelists this should give me all pages where Time is set at date later
> than today (as long as Time has a recognizable format). Instead I get a
> pagelist of all pages on the wiki. Why doesn't it work? Any tips on how
> to make it work?

(:pagelist if="date 2009-01-15..2009-01-31 {=$:Timestamp}":)

That one returns pages with a PTV $:Timestamp between the dates 2009-01-15
and 2009-01-31.  As I understand the date has to be either YYYY-MM-DD or
YYYYMMDD, not just any format.  Obviously this means you would have to
define the PTV accordingly.

I didn't try this, but I think this is how you would do it with the current

(:pagelist if="date ..{=$:Timestamp}":)


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