[pmwiki-users] Rating cookbooks

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Tue Jan 27 09:23:18 CST 2009

On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 01:50:06PM +1300, John Rankin wrote:
> >   !! Supporters
> >
> >   * [[~Pm]] +1
> >     I support this recipe because it's well written and
> >     the author bribed me to say this.
> >   * [[~John]] +1
> >     Great recipe.
> >   * [[~Sally]] +1
> >   * Bob +1
> >     I don't have/want a profile page, but I support this
> >recipe.
> [...]
> If it's included now, why a "+" prefix rather than just 1? 
> Alternatively, why +1 rather than + on its own?

In many other projects that I work on, "+1" is used to mean
"plus one supporter" or "me too".  It's +1 in the sense of
"add my supporting vote" as opposed to "I give this a rating of 1".

+2 then means "That goes double for me."  -1 is "I'm against

> Perhaps the best argument for *not* including a +1 is that it
> then means if it's introduced later, people can have an option
> to leave a comment, but not a rating.  I don't think supporters 
> should be forced to rate a recipe. If +1 means "I have not
> given this recipe a rating", the only reason to have it now is
> to create a unique markup expression.

Again, +1 doesn't indicate rating, it simply indicates "I support
the recipe".  Because of allof the confusion/angst regarding
"what does a rating mean", I'm completely ignoring the notion of
"rating" recipes for now.

> Should anonymous supporters be accepted?

I think the answer is ultimately yes.  We might require that
everyone supply an author name, but since we don't have any
way to authenticate the author name it's effectively anonymous


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