[pmwiki-users] fox: foxadd and special variables

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Sun Jan 25 09:41:19 CST 2009

Hi hans & list
I have a form which creates new pageforms from a template using foxadd. 
The template contains the line:

(:fox {$$targetpagetype}
target="{$$(serialname {*$Group} {*$Name}-{$$targetpagetype}- )}"
template=Site.Foxtemplate ptvtarget="{$$(serialname {*$Group} 
{*$Name}-{$$targetpagetype}- )}" ptvfields=pagetype,timelastaction

the special variable {$$targetpagetype} should be replaced with 
something  like "Comment" or "Issue". This works . But  unfortunallity 
it also replaces the markupexpression "{$$(serialname ..."  with 

Is there a way to replace targetpagetype but don't execute the 
serialname expression when creating the PageForm from a template?

thanks for any hins

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