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Fri Jan 23 10:49:02 CST 2009

>    What should the diff text look like -- how should it be formatted?
> Pm

My personal answer is I guess I would like getting the complete text diff of
each current element displayed in the rss.
Then, one could easily read in the feed : date - author - summary - diff
(extracted from the diff action page).
In real life, what do I do when I see someone edited some page of interest ?
Most of time, I go to the page, then to the diff to see what's been
modified. Summary isn't enough in most of cases.
If it were extracted and formatted as it is shown in the diff action page,
why not optionally limited to x characters, it would be fine for me. Any
formatting (maybe brute pmwiki markup is better) would be fine.

Thank you,
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