[pmwiki-users] Notify from sourceforge.net does not work?

Bo Peng ben.bob at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 22:37:28 CST 2009

> Hi Bo,

Hi, Christian,

Glad to see you here.

> Do you see any notification mails from that site?


> Have you tried runing a mail command manually?

No. sourceforge.net closed ssh connect so I can only rsync and sftp.

> When I debugged some of this stuff on the lyx site, I think I first manually
> invoked the code that sends to mail to check that this works. You can try
> that as well.

I came to a point where I put a debug print('here') function right
before the mail() function and see the 'here' string on the webpage
after I edit. I will submit a support request and ask sourceforge.net
whether or not there is a way to enable php/mail().


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