[pmwiki-users] Registration models (was:Self registration)

Neil Herber (nospam) nospam at eton.ca
Thu Jan 22 19:53:13 CST 2009

On 2009-01-22 Patrick R. Michaud is rumoured to have said:
> All of this does bring up a point, however -- what if someone wanted self-registration but to manage an Apache .htaccess file to hold the data (and control access to other items as well)? 

Just to add a bit to the potential mix, I run a PmWiki farm with several 
wikis. Two of those wikis are protected by Apache Basic Authentication 
using an htpasswd file that I maintain "by hand".

However, once inside the BA, I use PmWiki AuthUser to assign the 
usernames to authorization groups. Within the wikis, I control access 
based on authorization group. This has proved to be very flexible.

On the non-BA protected wikis I use straight AuthUser assigning both 
login accounts and authorization groups inside the wiki.

Neil Herber

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