[pmwiki-users] Self registration

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Thu Jan 22 16:07:23 CST 2009

> Currently there's not a way to get 'ctime'.  There's
> a page variable that uses 'ctime' to generate its output, but
> there's not a way to directly access 'ctime' from the markup.
> What I'm describing would be very similar to the the way passwdedit,
> passwdattr, etc. page attributes are handled now.  These attributes
> are stored in each page file, but there's no direct way to be able
> to access them from markup.  There's an indirect way to view them
> using the {$PasswdEdit}, {$PasswdAttr}, etc. page variables, but those
> page variables are only visible to site administrators.

Yes, thank you for the explanation.

> So, a profile page could hold sensitive information such as a user's
> email address as a page attribute, but there's not a way to see that
> information except via page variables, and those can be restricted
> to just the administrator (and possibly the owner of the profile page).

Thus, one more vote to the Profile-based system?


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