[pmwiki-users] Pre-announcing 2.2.0 non-beta release

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Jan 22 13:03:56 CST 2009

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 05:07:00PM +0100, Petko Yotov wrote:
> On Thursday 22 January 2009 15:38:46 Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> > then 
> > attaching a link to profile page along with a date is
> > as simple as:
> >
> >     ~~~~
> >
> > This is just the "signature" markup -- it adds a link to the author's
> > profile page and the current date and time.
> Many pages include comments signed by users. These may be just questions and 
> not endorsements. 

This is a good point.  OTOH, I don't know that there are enough
of these to significantly skew the results.

We can also use a different markup to indicate an endorsement
besides just a signature.  In fact, at one point I had a feature 
like this implemented in the Cookbook, but a lot of people said 
they didn't like it and so I took it down.

> We could do this the other way:
> * endorsing users place links in their profile page,
> * the recipe page lists profile pages linking to it 
>    (:pagelist group=Profiles link={*$FullName}:)

I think we tried this approach previously and I don't think
it quite works out.  I think it's much easier to manage if the
endorsements are directly associated with the cookbook page.

Maybe we could have Cookbook.Recipe-Endorsements, much like
some recipes have -Talk pages.

> > We can also come up with a customized page variable that counts
> > the number of endorsements on the page for various sorting and
> > searching criteria.
>    (:pagelist group=Profiles link={*$FullName} fmt=count:)

Computing the number of endorsements in this way becomes
_very_ expensive on the server if we're wanting to do it for 
a number of recipes.  Using links to profile pages means that
we could just count items in the targets= page attribute, or
scan the page text for endorsement markups.


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