[pmwiki-users] Self registration

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Thu Jan 22 11:12:45 CST 2009

Sameer Kumar wrote:

> I think that Pmwiki should come with an entire "authentication 
> module/package" (AuthUser + htpasswd Form + etc.) which would be 
> disabled by default. 

I've never used htpasswd. That's part of the Apache, isn't it?

I'm happy with FTP and CPanel, don't have shell access, and don't want 
to mess with Apache any more than necessary. Even CleanURLs had me 
biting my nails and losing sleep. (And Pm had to add a line for me.)

I'd be terrified of locking myself out, or unknowingly opening a huge 
security hole, or doing something I don't even know might happen (and 
won't think to look for).

My vote is do something within Pmwiki rather than thrash blindly about 
with htpasswd.


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