[pmwiki-users] Documentation of Recipes (was: Pre-announcing 2.2.0...)

john.rankin at affinity.co.nz john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Thu Jan 22 00:39:33 CST 2009

>> and how do we avoid their being over-written when
>> upgrading pmwiki?
> Like for the /pub and /skins directories, if the files have different
> names
> from the distribution files, they will not be overwritten when upgrading.

Is this true? On my Mac, if I drag a wikilib.d/ folder from the
untarred pmwiki folder into my pmwiki web folder, I sort of
think it will replace it, but I could well be wrong. Sorry, I'm
pretty low tech and haven't explicitly tested this.
>> > I prefer [[!PmWiki Recipe]] and/or [[!PmWiki Skin]]. Wikis could be
>> used
>> > for
>> > other things like food recipes, or software packages and skins, we
>> > shouldn't
>> > occupy categories that might have other uses by the websites.
>> That's cool, although I also agree with the comment that some
>> site administrators may not like their categories to be augmented
>> in this way. Any suggestions?
> We could probably place links to PmWiki.InstalledRecipes which could
> display
> the pages via a "pagelist link={$FullName}".
> Petko
My vote would be to use categories, but I'm happy to go along with
whatever decision is made.

Thanks for the response

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