[pmwiki-users] Permission problems with Windows Server 2008

Neil Herber (nospam) nospam at eton.ca
Wed Jan 21 08:04:11 CST 2009

I have run PmWiki for years on a Windows 2000 server box. Recently I 
upgraded (??) the OS to Windows Server 2008 which appears to be the 
server branch of Vista.

Everything on PmWiki works just fine, but I have noticed a strange 
permissions problem under specific circumstances and was hoping that 
someone has a possible explanation or solution.

Because I use PmWiki as a document repository, the upload directories 
are full of files, most of which have been placed there by direct access 
to the network volume. However, I now find that files uploaded through 
PmWiki are *not* visible through the network share. They *are* visible 
through PmWiki or through a VNC session to the server or directly at the 
server console. It looks to me like Winserver 2008 is assigning some 
other "owner" to uploaded files which prevents me from seeing the files 
through the share, even though I log in with admin privileges.

Does anybody have any suggestions of how to "cure" this problem? Please 
don't suggest moving to Linux - my brain capacity for new OSes has been 
exceeded already!

Neil Herber

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