[pmwiki-users] Self registration

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Tue Jan 20 15:52:01 CST 2009

Amid the sudden general excitement which follows Patrick's "return",
and echoing something that Oliver Betz just wrote on the list[1], I
wanted to share a point that I guess would be worth a thought.
Pmwiki security access system is good, practical and flexible, too.
Nevertheless it lacks a simple, official way to let people register,
have their email verified, setup a password, have their password
reset/emailed in case it gets forgotten.[2]
What if AuthUser is expanded to also include this feature?
Such a "tool" would open many doors to a wider pmwiki adoption in many areas.


[1] "DokuWiki comes 'out of the box' with a well documented, working
user authentication, self registration with email verification. No
effort to get it running. With PmWiki, it's rather hard to solve for
the beginner."
[2] Some recipes exist, yet far from what I would feel at ease to
setup and adopt.

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