[pmwiki-users] User rating of cookbook recipes

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Tue Jan 20 14:35:32 CST 2009

"Patrick R. Michaud" wrote:


> > I would lot simpler for "average" people to have one recommended way,
> > but since we provide flexibility here are the other ways of achieving
> > a similar result.
> It would be a lot simpler if there _was_ an "average" person using
> PmWiki.  My experience has been that there are actually about fix 
> or six different groups of administrators, each group having their own
> expectations about what they want PmWiki to solve and largely
> unaware of the expectations of the other groups.  So, everyone
> says "we should have one recommended way to do X", but in reality
> what happens is that "X" itself is very different from one person 
> to the next.


Another problem might be that "newcomers" might initially not be sure 
enough to publish their findings. Later they don't come back. I have 
to admit that I belong to this group. After a test period, when 
things are running unobtrusive, I simply don't remember the problems 
I had.

> I agree that it would greatly help to make AutUser easier to
> understand, and we need to do that.  But so far most of the 
> descriptions I've seen about "the right way to set up AuthUser" 
> end up being wrong for about 50% of the people looking to use it.

IMO it's _essential_ that users can change their password without 
administrator intervention. HtpasswdForm is an indispensable addition 
to AuthUser.

Oliver Betz, Muenchen

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