[pmwiki-users] line break keeping page store (repost)

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Jan 20 10:26:05 CST 2009

> There are great visual diff tools like KDiff3, Meld, Beyond Compare,
> WinMerge, CSDiff..., but without linebreaks, they are much less
> useful.

WikiSh includes a diff command.  It's not as nice as the much more mature
versions you are referring to, but at least it gives you the basic

If you use the configuration option #D then WikiSh would be completely
inactive on your site unless you have admin privileges and are on a page
within the WikiSh group, so it would have nil impact on your site except
when you were using it for some administrative task such as this.

There are also shell scripts which will convert your pages into regular text
from a linux command line.  You can see some of this at


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