[pmwiki-users] Pre-announcing 2.2.0 non-beta release, new release manager

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Jan 19 16:21:43 CST 2009

On Monday 19 January 2009 21:44:49 John Rankin wrote:
> Hello Petko and please let me add my congratulations.

Thank you John!

> >Priority Checklist :
> >
> >1. Security bugfixes
> >2. Bugfixes
> >3. Documentation updates, translations
> I'm not clear how documentation of "bundles" will work

There is not (yet) a defined plan that we add bundles or packages, or cookbook 
recipes from independent developers to the official release. 

> - include a PmWiki.Packages page in wikilib.d with a list of
>   included packages and a link to a documentation page on
>   pmwiki.org for each package

There is a problem if a recipe is enabled for one group or one page that is 
not PmWiki.Packages.

> - include a wikilib.d directory as part of each package with
>   that package's documentation; activating the package would
>   automatically look for a wikilib.d directory and add it to
>   the wiki page directory array (could be done by the package
>   itself

I don't see a problem in this approach. With a recipe zip/tar archive 
containing a directories cookbook/, pub/, wikilib.d/, it should be clear for 
the webmaster where to uncompress the files.

Internationalization - translated docs - comes this way.

There are also some other suggestions for authors of modules at :

Several recipes, like some skins of HansB, are shipped with some config- or 
content- pages in a custom PageStore directory. The same way recipe authors 
can add documentation in wiki files.

> - adopt a convention that package documentation will be in a
>   PmWikiPackages group, so the PmWiki.Packages page can use a
>   (:pagelist:) to point to package documentation that forms
>   part of a pmwiki distribution

Or in Cookbook/, Site/ groups (or PmWiki/ and PmWikiFr/, PmWikiDe/ for 
translations), but have an additional category, a tag or a message.

FWIW, my own recipes are downloaded with no included documentation. It is 
simpler for me to prepare them, and I can at any time improve the 
documentation on pmwiki.org. If the user finds no docs on his wiki, he'll go 
to pmwiki.org, get the latest infos, read comments and possibly see that he 
may/must upgrade.


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