[pmwiki-users] Blogcal and pagename suffixes?

Martin Kerz mkerz at mac.com
Mon Jan 19 14:19:16 CST 2009

Dear Hans,

>> My blog pages have the form 20090119001, 20090119002, 20090119003,  
>> and
>> so forth, i.e. ISO-date without seperator plus an increasing number  
>> to
>> handle multiple entries for each day.
> blogcal is only accepting one blog page per day, a sit displays one
> link per day table cell. Having several blog pages per day, as you
> do, how can blogcal display all the links neatly?

I actually wanted to start working on something that should eventually  
look something like this:

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Here it should be indicated if an entry has been made in a month, and  
the respective link should get you to all the entries of the month.  
But I have still some more design problems, as the respective monthly  
pages unfortunately have to be triggered manually. :-(
Nevertheless I wanted to give it  try and (mis?)use blogcal to get the  
basic functionality in place.

> And i think you may be right, that MakePageName does not accept
> wildcards pattern, as such would open it to ambiguous names.

As I see it, you called MakePageName and than compared if the  
resulting pagename exists calling "PageExists($pname)" in line 171. So  
the question would rather be if PageExists accepts wildcards. Is there  
actually a documentation for the function calls?

Thanks a lot for your reply.


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