[pmwiki-users] Any hope for 2.2.0 stable release?

Ben Stallings ben at interdependentweb.com
Tue Jan 13 17:03:08 CST 2009

Clayton Curtis wrote,
> Is there any further news on the release of stable (non-beta) 2.2?
I'd like to echo this question, but for a different reason... some of 
you know that I was an active recipe developer up until a year ago, when 
an employer had me learn Drupal and sent me to Drupalcon.  I was 
impressed not so much by the rapid pace of Drupal development (which 
verges on absurd) but by the number of people involved... Dries Buytaert 
is the founder and figurehead of the Drupal organization, but he's no 
longer the development lead -- there's a committee for that.

Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to Pm for his leadership of the 
PmWiki project.  I just wonder if the core development might be 
delegated so that we can finish 2.2 and get out of beta and start 
thinking about 2.3.  Because my clients demand more functionality than 
the current PmWiki core can provide, and that means I'm spending most of 
my time with Drupal these days.

I apologize if there's already been an attempt to do this; I may have 
missed it because I don't follow the list as closely as I used to.  I 
know Pm asked the list a few months ago whether a 2.2 stbale version 
should be released without all the promised functionality, but I never 
saw what happened with that.

Ben Stallings
Interdependent Web

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