[pmwiki-users] bmp not displaying, always linking

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Wed Jan 7 17:43:50 CST 2009

Ryan O'Toole wrote:
> Hi List,
> I'm having trouble getting .bmp images to display inline rather than 
> link. I understood that it was supposed to display inline by default, 
> but mine do not. Could I have disabled this somehow without realizing? I 
> tried attach:filename.bmp without success. I tried 
> http://www.mydomain.com/path/to/image.bmp"Alt Text" | Caption, without 
> success. I even tried adding $ImgExtPattern = 
> "$ImgExtPattern|\\.bmp|\\.BMP"; to my config. Still no success. It is 
> pretty much a default configuration beyond that. The only outside recipe 
> I have installed is enablehtml.php which enables HTML code in the 
> markup. Running pmwiki-2.1.27.
> Any thoughts on why this is fail?
> THX!
> Ryan

I think the problem is that, by default, PmWiki interprets all "words" 
starting with http as links. The Images page says, "PmWiki supports .bmp 
images out of the box," and I can't imagine bmp being omitted.

You're not putting any brackets around the URL for the image, are you?

Try just the URL, without the alt text and caption. Those might be 
confusing it.

Is the target URL approved? If not, create a regular link to a file in 
the domain, save, and approve it. (IIRC, URLS are approved at the domain 


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