[pmwiki-users] Automatic generation of image height / width?

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Mon Jan 5 17:33:28 CST 2009

A few quick notes below.

Russ wrote:
> I have a project that outputs one particularly large HTML page (250k +), 
> which is being generated in an average 0.4 seconds but takes 10-12 
> seconds under moderate server load to display. 
Are you sure the page needs to be this large? Every time I've seen 
situations like this before, it's because the real purpose of the data 
is not fully understood.

> To compound the 
> "download speed" issue, there are dozens of small images (logos) that 
> must download first before the page renders in the browser.  So, the 
> visitor ends up staring at a blank screen for quite some time!
A few options here. First, depending on the nature of the images, you 
might want to store all images in a single image sprite. That way, 
there's only one round trip hit on the server. Second, consider loading 
images as a separate event, after the page has loaded -- ajax style. 
Third, avoid the use of table in this scenario as some browsers don't 
render the table until the whole thing is loaded, lowering the 
perception of load-time.

  ~ ~ Dave

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