[pmwiki-users] powertools / {(pagelist ...)}

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Fri Jan 2 09:56:38 CST 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009, 2:24:10 PM, Stéphane Heckel wrote:

> I'm using the powertools/pagelist function
> It works great. ie :{(pagelist group=People $CreatedBy=steph at acme.com)}

> However, when combined with a fmt option, pagelist renders as usual 
> (standard pmwiki by default, with hyperlink & bullet, ... and not the 
> expected csv format), ie : {(pagelist group=People fmt=#title 
> $CreatedBy=steph at acme.com sep=\n)}

> Is there any option to "force" the use of csv format ?

By default the {(pagelist ...)} expression outputs  a CSV list of
page names, i.e fmt=csv is the default.
Other formats are not supported. Or you get confusing, ill defined
To support a different format, one would need to define it through
a custom function.
The only thing one can do with the CSV format is to set a custom
separator, with the sep= parameter.

{(pagelist group=People $CreatedBy=steph at acme.com sep=\n)}
should output page names on separate lines ('comma-separated' is
replaced by 'line separated' via the sep=\n parameter ).


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