[pmwiki-users] reCAPTCHA

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Thu Jan 1 16:01:05 CST 2009

>> Luigi:
>> As far as my own experience goes chaptchas are not a 100% solution.
>> Yet they are effective and helped me to almost completely stop wild
>> "edit" spam by bots on a couple of open (no password protected) wikis.

> Radu:
> there already is a captcha implementation in the cookbook.
> Did you test it and it didn't work?? If so, please provide details

Well, my English is poor and I probably did not explain well:
a) captcha *are* effective.
b) pmwiki captcha already *did* work for me in stopping spam, twice.

I just wanted to let people know that there is an "extension" to our
simple captcha: instead of forcing people to solve "infertile"
puzzles, one can feed real small problems (in this case, text scanned
from old books) and use the process in an useful way.[1]
As a bonus, some extra features, like audio-captcha, would also come for free.

While such a widget wouldn't fit any site, I guess it could be a
please for many to consider it.
For this reason I submitted it to the community.
And, if Dave will make it into a recipe (which I couldn't do for a
lack of skill) that would be nice (thanks Dave!).


[1] Nothing new under the sun, and many power tools have been built on
random distributed small tasks, as an example

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