[pmwiki-users] reCAPTCHA

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Thu Jan 1 09:46:24 CST 2009

kirpi at kirpi.it a écrit :
> As far as my own experience goes chaptchas are not a 100% solution.
> Yet they are effective and helped me to almost completely stop wild
> "edit" spam by bots on a couple of open (no password protected) wikis.
> Now, after having discovered, tested and much liked the idea behind
> http://recaptcha.net/ I ask myself (and the list :-) whether there is
> anybody enough skilled and willing to write a recipe for enabling
> reCHAPTCHAs into pmwiki.
> Luigi
quite funny :-) that is why I could login even with a wrong answer
(discovered too late, after pressing the ok button :-)



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