[pmwiki-users] Gui Buttons. Looks like underline, gives "Internal Link", in the core program.

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Tue Feb 10 16:26:33 CST 2009

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 02:45:08PM -0500, Sandy wrote:
>> Further testing on pmwiki.org: When I select a word, then press the
>> button, it just puts in the brackets. When I have nothing selected, it
>> puts in the text as you describe.
> Correct.  As with the other items in the toolbar, highlighting some
> text and pressing the button tends to mean "apply this markup
> to the highlighted text".

Correct, and in one way consistent. In another, though, inconsistent.

For the simple formats, selecting the text, then clicking the button, 
does the entire job.

For links, the important part (http://) isn't included if text is 
already selected. I can't decide whether the highlighted text we've 
already typed should become the URL or the link text. Too many steps for 
a single button. I like the mini-form that pops up on other sites, but 
it's way beyond my skills. Worth a PITS entry?

>> An underline button would be useful.
> In local/config.php:
>     $GUIButtons['underline'] = array(120, "{+", "+}", '$[Underlined]',
>       '$GUIButtonDirUrlFmt/underline.gif"$[Underlined]"',
>       '$[ak_underline]');


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