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Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Fri Feb 6 08:46:46 CST 2009

Petko Yotov wrote:

[comparison tools]

>> Sadly these tools are not good to compare PmWiki page files. I already
>> thought about making a bidirectional filter to convert a page file to
>> a "comparable" format (with line breaks), but I didn't proceed because
>> keeping the history was too complicated for me. Maybe I do it only for
>> the current revision and drop the history on saving.
>We don't need the page history, it is removed from the files that go in the 
>release archive anyway. So, we need to check the difference between the 

of course. For this specific task, a simple filter would be

>previous trusted version (in wikilib.d) and the current version, and possibly 
>fix the new or revert to the old version.
>And it is not rocket science to replace all "%0a" with new lines, in order to 
>make the text more human-friendly.

Ack, that's not so hard. But it's some work to _store_ changes in a
page file keeping the history. Much simpler if a store operation
clears the history.

>> >[1] I can use some help. If people from the community have the time and
>> > are willing to help out, we could review all PmWiki/* pages and fix them
>> > with an edit summary like "Ok for a release". This will be much faster.
>> > (Other ideas are welcome too.)
>> IMO a page text variable containing the documentation status as in the
>> PmWikiDe pages is a good thing because they enable the use of
>> pagelists.
>An inexperienced author could break a page without removing the text variable. 
>The page will need fixing, but the pagelist will not show it.
>OTOH, a pagelist can display the last edit summary with 
>{=$LastModifiedSummary}, that's why I first thought of it.

but $LastModifiedSummary is destroyed _much_ easier (inadvertently)
than a PTV.

A dedicated PTV is IMO safer and easier to maintain.

>> In addition, I suggest a page where issues with the PmWiki/
>> documentation shall be stored.
>Why? I suggest issues to be immediately fixed in the Doc pages, unless there 
>are questions or propositions for improvements. But in this case, we should 
>apply the "Be bold in improving pages" principle, common for all wiki 

Maybe I should be bolder.

>I just realised that we could add in *.PageActions links to *-Talk pages to 
>all documentation pages, and we could discuss there the improvements of every 
>such page. (Similar to Wikipedia's talk pages.) We could move there the 
>non-answered FAQs and have an acceptable state of the main Doc page.
>What do you think?

Not bad. A search for "name=*-talk" would show all these pages.


>> Where do you suggest a discussion should take place - in this list
>> (which I would prefer) or in PmWiki?
>Me too, I slightly prefer the mailing list, but I also watch the recent 

...I will ask in this list in case I'm unsure.

Since the results of such a discussion are usually not subject to long
term interest, they don't need to be kept in a long term storage.


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