[pmwiki-users] PageTextVariables defined in standard unnumbered lists

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Fri Sep 12 16:07:36 CDT 2008

 -- Preamble --
Simple unnumbered lists happen to be of the most basic and flexible
way to keep, show, and provide data for many purposes.
They offer enough order to keep information and documents tidy, while
allowing for a simple layout, simple maintanance, and a lot of
creativity in the way things can be handled.

In wiki format unnumbered (bulleted) lists come in this plain way
* first element
* second element
* third element

One example of bulleted list is the SideBar menu which is then
rendered in whatever form is desired, be this the standard
http://pmwiki.org/wiki/Site/SideBar or an horizontal one

 -- Issue --
We have a lot of personal pages where data are stored about this way:
* Name: John
* Surname: Lennon
* Group
** Group_1: Quarrymen
** Group_2: Beatles
* Language: English
and so on

I couldn't find a way to use those data as PTV, while I am absolutely
convinced that it would be a very good thing if I could.
Does anybody have experience or ideas for that, please?


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