[pmwiki-users] Page Names

Russell D Jones rjones at emich.edu
Tue Jul 15 13:28:49 CDT 2008

I've been looking through the documentation and have found only one
solution (work-around) to this problem.  So I'll ask here.

I've a proprietary history wiki where the users (summer school students)
want to write biography pages for people such as George W. Bush.  The
problem is that PmWiki doesn't seem to support the linking to a page
titled "George W. Bush" but instead sends the user to the "Bush" page in
the "George W" group.  The work-around I've been doing is to hunt down
all these types of links (e.g. [[Franklin D. Roosevelt]], [[Harry S.
Truman]], [[Richard M. Nixon]], [[Booker T. Washington]] [[W. E. B. Du
Bois]], etc., etc., etc.) and change the link to something like
[[GeorgeWBush|George W. Bush]] and then insert on the GeorgeWBush page
"(:title George W. Bush:)". 

This is a clunkly work-around.  Naive users link pages like this
[[George W. Bush]] and are not learning the proper syntax for the work
around (I consider it a success that they learned to link pages at all).
 My time is better spent than hunting down these mistakes and making the
corrections; and it's becoming tedious.

I've tried limiting the groups with the $GroupPattern variable, but this
just prohibits the creation of the "George W. Bush" page and frustrated
a couple of kids, so I removed it.

What else can I do?

R. D. Jones

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