[pmwiki-users] FW: appending formtitle for wikiforms and also possible title directive bug?

david roundell roundelld at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 27 09:01:02 CST 2008

Try setting up a very simple example using wikiforms and a field oftype "title" plus one or 2 other test fields of any type.Enter "Servername" in the text box of the field of type title andwikiforms should take care of the rest. It should automaticallywrap the entered text in a (:title:) directive and on editing,strip this out so that the above error doesn't occur.Let me know if this fixes the problem. If not, could you provide alink to a page that displays the undesirable behaviour?I am guessing that the (:title ... :) is confusing the wikiforms regular expression. This would be why I added a title field type.
thanks for replying john, i did try setting up a little wikiform as suggested but the :title: directive still
resulted in displaying as - :title Servername:):Title:Servername when re-editing the page.
the wiki this is intended for is behind a corporate firewall (so unable to show you an example) but i can recreate a test form if you wish although it does reoccur when i test this outside the work servers.

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