[pmwiki-users] Edit box does not appear

Arvind Agarwal arvind385 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 19:19:02 CST 2008

I am resending this again in the hope that someone might reply.

> I am a new user to PmWiki. I installed PmWiki successfully and now when I
> click on to "edit" button to edit an existing page (or a new page after
> creating it through the browser), it asks me for the password and then just
> after I enter the paswword and hit enter, there appears a blank screen. I do
> not see the edit box that I will use to edit the page. I am not sure what
> the problem is. Can anyone help me this? Thanks!
> I changed the config.php to include the edit passwrod and site wide
> password.
> --
> Arvind

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