[pmwiki-users] Alternative markup resolution within "code" sections for PDF printing (Nigel Thomas)

Nigel Thomas nigel.thomas at preferisco.com
Fri Dec 19 03:37:45 CST 2008


See Examples/HyperlinkedCode<http://wikipublisher.org/wiki/?n=Examples.HyperlinkedCode>
the example, which I hope is self-explanatory.

The ideal would be for the PDF to include the links, without changing the
code / syntax by adding extraneous (confusing) text like [below], (w),
(w#anchor) etc. And in monotype.

The next best would be for some markup that simply converted the thing to a
code block and dumped the links, without needing two different

I think I understand that your suggestion would cause all links to (local?
or remote as well?) anchors to be removed. That would also affect links in
the narrative text, wouldn't it?

Thanks for your help


2008/12/19 John Rankin <john.rankin at affinity.co.nz>

> On Thursday, 18 December 2008 5:14 AM, pmwiki-users-request at pmichaud.comwrote:
> >   6. Alternative markup resolution within "code" sections     for PDF
> >      printing (Nigel Thomas)
> Could you create a very simple example page in the Examples group on
> www.wikipublisher.org, so I can see exactly what is happening?
> You may be able to fix the problem by setting
>    $AnchorLinkFmt = '$LinkText';
> after you load the wikipublisher extensions.
> As far as I can see from the example given, the problem is restricted to
> links that reference anchors. The above change will only affect these and
> has no effect on other types of link.
> Hope this helps
> JR
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