[pmwiki-users] Setting FixFlow style

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 04:05:06 CST 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008, 4:25:38 AM, Dr Fred C wrote:

>   Is there some toggle I'm supposed to put in the sidebar pages (or
> elsewhere) to get the side bar to default to showing up on the
> right?  Basically, I'm still sorting out how to make it all work.  I
> sort of feel like I'm expecting my nose to be in the center of my
> face, but it shows up behind my ear. 

set in config.php:

$DefaultSidebar = 'right';

Since you experienced the sidebar appearing onn different sides in
different browsers, i assume that thi swas done by setting a user
configuration, which works via a cookie setting.
so I recommend you clear the cookies associated with the wiki site,
in order to see what a new visitor of the site will excperience.

To stop users from setting any skin options for personal preference
you can set in config.php:

$EnableStyleOptions = 0;

alternatively you can disable specific user option settings.
For instanc eto stop users from switching the sidebar from left to
right and reverse, you can set in config.php:

$EnableSidebarOptions = 0;

Note that FixFlow uses the standard Site.SideBar (or Group.SideBar
for the sidebar menu, by default on the left.
$DefaultSidebar = 'right'; switches this to the right.
A RightBar page is not needed for this, and any settings for a
RightBar page are not involved in this.
BUT: if you have the SideBar on the right, the RightBar will appear
on the left! Note also thee is no default RightBar page shipped with
the skin, you would need to create one (Site.RightBar or
Group.RightBar or Group.PageName-RightBar).

A look into FixFlow's skin.php, especially the first half of it, will
show you what variable settings FixFlow uses for its configuration.
most can be set in config.php.

Hope this helps!


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