[pmwiki-users] Pmwiki cpu/memory usage on server for a non zero visitor installation

Frank Hagan fshagan at roadrunner.com
Sat Dec 13 12:40:28 CST 2008

You might have been hammered either by spammers -- look for .ru or .cn 
domains in your AWStats logs, if you still have them -- or by search 
engine spiders.  "Twicler" or "Twiceler" is one I've had problems with; 
a robots.txt exclusion can help in this regard. Twiceler hammered my 
sites with multiple page requests, without pausing between them.

You will get suspended on shared servers when resources get too high; 
some of them have thousands of sites on them. But PmWiki, punbb, and the 
rest should be able to accommodate up to 50 users on line at a time 
without causing too much problem.

DaveG wrote:
> I'm afraid I don't have any explicit help or information, other than to 
> say that in general I've had no problem with PmWiki being able to handle 
> a number of users, with apparently low load. (I've used a host called "A 
> Small Orange" with no issues over 3 years.). I'd be very suprised if it 
> was more demanding than other wiki/cms systems like Drupal, Wordpress, 
> etc., which obviously run on shared environments, usually with many users.
> You mention you're using some cookbooks and pagelists. Perhaps they are 
> causing the problem. Maybe run your site with none of them and see if 
> the problem still exists.
> Also, if you can list the cookbooks, and provide some sample pagelist, 
> someone might have some insight.
>   ~ ~ David
> ABClf wrote:
>> Hello the list,
>> Two month ago, I had to rent a now host for my site (shared server).
>> As I would like to use a wiki, and most preferably pmwiki, because it is 
>> light and great, for part of my site, I have first readen the 
>> [[webhosts]] page and chosen LunarPages that was said there to run 
>> pmwiki with no issues. It was a cheap solution too. It is so difficult 
>> to know where to be hosted.
>> I use last pmwiki with some cookbooks, a few non complex pagelists for 
>> 200 pages (doc not included ; about 600 doc included).
>> Lunarpages disabled my pmwiki script very quickly because, they said : 
>> «During a routine monitoring on our servers, we have found that your 
>> account is utilizing excessive amounts of system resources. Here are 
>> your usage reports :
>> langu12 languefrancaise.net <http://languefrancaise.net> cpu 4.37 memory 
>> 1.48 mysql 0.0
>> Top Process %CPU 100 /usr/bin/php /home/langu12/public_html/docs/pmwiki.php
>> Top Process %CPU 64.0 /usr/bin/php /home/langu12/public_html/docs/pmwiki.php
>> Top Process %CPU 28.0 /usr/bin/php 
>> /home/langu12/public_html/forum/viewtopic.php».
>> I had to wait for near 2 long days until I got more information : «The 
>> shown usage is actually a report displayed by WHM, an utility which is 
>> embedded into the CPanel. What it does is that it simply gets the CPU, 
>> Memory and MySQL usages for every user and averages it, in percents per 
>> core utilization (respectively percents of the entire memory available 
>> and mysql queries per second), for a 24hours period. As such, this 
>> utility can not be used to pinpoint where the issue lies - it only tells 
>> us that there is actually an issue.
>> With this being said, your average CPU utilization was ~3times the 
>> maximum we'd consider appropriate for a shared environment for an entire 
>> week before getting disabled. Furthermore, the average CPU quoted at the 
>> time when the script got disabled is showing a value of over 4%, which 
>> suggests that this has been done exactly when its usage was at the 
>> highest. For the past two days, after your script has been disabled, 
>> your account averaged a 0.5% in both CPU and memory usage, a value which 
>> is acceptable on a shared environment. (...) As a conclusion, an 
>> 'unvisited' installation of pmwiki will not cause any issues, 
>> server-wide. A 10visitors pmwiki installation will, again, cause 
>> absolutely no issues on the server, which confirms the fact that the 
>> script is being supported and can run on our servers. "How many 
>> visitors" you can have within a script is not something that we could 
>> establish, unfortunately)».
>> I am happy to be said that a zero visitor pmwiki installation can be run 
>> on that host but, sadly, I had some visitors. No more than 15 wiki users 
>> (readers) online, according to online scripts. I was also using a 
>> lightweight forum script (punbb) in another folder (also said to 
>> overconsume (viewtopic) with about 30 users max at same time).
>> So I have a few questions to understand what is true and what is wrong, 
>> and what are pmwiki memory and cpu requirments  :
>> 1-how is pmwiki cpu and memory usage when running on a public server in 
>> a basic installation for some readers ? do some people here run a 
>> visited pmwiki (say 100-200 visitors/day) on a shared server ? do they 
>> have cpu/memory issues, do they know their memory/cpu usage ? what sort 
>> of problem if any with their host ?
>> 2-I guess other people here run pmwiki in a dedicated environment and 
>> can see the resource consumed : if it is a visited installation, with a 
>> few visitors, I would like to know what is the cpu/memory usage they can 
>> track concerning pmwiki ? do they notice pmwiki is a not so light 
>> program ? I dont' see doc about that on pmwiki.org <http://pmwiki.org>.
>> -For my knwoledge, is it true that 4% cpu/memory is like overusage on a 
>> shared environment ? is 0,5%, said to be an acceptable value by the 
>> «support», realistic ? I guess it's a joke, I am wrong ?
>> At this time, my site is stil disabled and I have no hope it will come 
>> back on Lunarpages. I had to migrate my data to a free host, waiting for 
>> a solution.
>> If one need to evaluate the pmwiki installation I was running, here is 
>> the temporary url : http://languefrancaise.free.fr/docs
>> Thank you the list ! :)
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