[pmwiki-users] Skin Formatting Issue

Frank Hagan fshagan at roadrunner.com
Fri Dec 12 17:18:08 CST 2008

I'm installing PMwiki at http://montgomeryowners.com/wiki/ using a new
css and template file.

For some reason, clicking through links in the wiki causes the body
text to indent 100px to the right until you run out of room, and then
it jumps back to the left float position.  To test this, you have to
click on "The Boats", then "M15", and then "Sail Plan".  Odd behavior.

I have just a minor modification to the pmwiki.tmpl file for this
particular portion of the template:
        <div id='wikititle'>
          <div class='pagegroup'><h2><a
href='{$ScriptUrl}/{$Group}'>{$Group}</a> / {$Title}</h2></div>

Any clue on this one?  I edited the pmwiki.css and pmwiki.tmpl files
(naming them "mowners", although now I'm the one doing the "moaning").
 The css is exposed at
http://montgomeryowners.com/wiki/pub/skins/mowners/mowners.css and the
template file at

Any help would be appreciated!

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