[pmwiki-users] farm set-up

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Dec 9 00:57:11 CST 2008

> <?php include([='=]''path/to/pmwiki.php''');
> as the first (only) line of the file.  When I do that and point my
> browser at the newwiki/index.php I get nothing - a completely blank
> page, no error message or anything.  If instead I just put
> <?php include('path/to/pmwiki.php');
> (the usual include) then it seems to work ok.  Am I missing something?
>  I'm not a programmer, and can't decipher what the [='=]' bit might
> mean.

You have the right syntax.  The [=...=] business is just the way it was
documented in source.  (Someone wanted a single-quote followed by some
italics text.  Since 2 single quotes make the italics the 3rd would have
made bold instead of putting a quote in there -- putting the quote inside
[='=] makes it do what is desired in the documentation.)

Note that in general when you copy/paste code you should copy from the
displayed text (?action=browse) rather than from the ?action=source or
?action=edit view.  Typically (?) authors try to make the ?action=browse
text appear as what should actually become your code.


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