[pmwiki-users] proposed markup for rowspan in simple tables

john.rankin at affinity.co.nz john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Aug 27 03:50:54 CDT 2008

>> The primary reason is that (as alluded to in earlier messages), the
>> LaTeX table model makes supporting (:cell rowspan=3:) in advanced table
>> markup a major headache to do properly, whereas it's relatively simple
>> to do in simple tables.
> How are rowspans done in LaTeX tables?  Maybe I can help you come up with
> an algorithm for the advanced markup. (Without really thinking about it,
> I'd probably fill a 2D array with the cell contents for the entire table
> and then output it. In this case I don't see how the type of table markup
> matters, so I assume I'm missing something).

Let me reply offlist (it's not quite that simple, but I won't bore everyone
else with the details).

> It's a matter of taste. I personally find the markup below confusing and
> more difficult to remember. But I have no real objection, so just use
> that.

Well... You could add a markup rule that translates this:

||(:rowspan=3:)my text||

into this

||my text+++||

It just has to evaluate before block markups. While you are doing this,
you could add one for ||(:colspan=3:)my text|| too :-)
>> Are there any reasons not to use:
>> ||text||this spans 3 rows+++ ||
>> ||more||
>> ||more||
>> ||text||text||

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