[pmwiki-users] Additional Information on Blank Page Problem

Felicia felicia at panix.com
Tue Aug 26 16:20:35 CDT 2008

I have a little bit of additional information on my
problem with blank pages appearing after I enter a

Nothing is showing up in Apache's error logs and since php
is running as an Apache module, I'm guessing that is where
the error logs would be.

I have the same problem with the beta version of PmWiki
right out of the box with no changes other than adding a
"read" password to the config.php.

The page is blank, but it appears to be processing the
config.php, as if the config.php has the wrong permissions
and I reload the page (resending the password to the form)
it has the standard error messages on an otherwise blank

I have the same blank page problem with AuthUser.

I am fairly certain that php is running in safe mode.

Since I'd really like for this to work, I'm willing to
start adding debugging text to the guts of PmWiki to fix
this problem on my own.  However, a pointer to the
location of authentication related files (and more
information on how PmWiki handles authentication) would be
very much appreciated.  Would it be appropriate for me to
ask for information about how authentication works on the
developer's list?

-- Felicia

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