[pmwiki-users] Proposal to change (...) in links to {...}

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Mon Aug 25 18:22:21 CDT 2008

> on a Swedish keyboard {..} are more inconvenient.

On Italian keyboards as well:
you need to press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+"è" to get {
and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+"+" to get }

Also, I did not personally adopt this markup yet as is complicates
things for my friends: once they learn that a link is written
[[target | label]]
I prefer not to alter the "rules" just to save a few keystrokes
overall. Most of my friends (and I) are basically computer illiterate,
and the plainest (and consistent) the way, the better it is.

Still Patrick's reason seems sound, so I vote for it.

> Some alternatives:
> ...
>  [[<http://www.>pmichaud.com]]

<...> are used everyday by everybody in email addresses in the
Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com>
form, where the <...> part is the "target" and the other part is the
optional "label".
People are indeed used to it, visually.
So, I would not choose to write any link in the
form in that it swaps and upsets the things somehow
pmichaud.com being the real link and the <...> part being "optional".
Can I express my feeling?


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