[pmwiki-users] Strange :pagelist: behavior

Steven Benmosh wordz2u at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 21:52:57 CDT 2008

On my wiki, I have a site map page (
http://www.words2u.net/pmwiki/?n=GPS.SiteMap), which contains only one line:

(:pagelist  group=-Commercial -RealEstate -Site -Test -Locations

The page gives a list of all groups (except the ones with the minuses), and
some pages in each group.

Each group home page has some text, then (e.g. from the GPS group,) the line
(:pagelist group=GPS list=normal:)

For some reason, I am getting more page listings in the individual group
pages than in the Site Map page.

For example, the site map page has one entry for pages in the GPS group, but
the GPS group page (http://www.words2u.net/pmwiki/?n=GPS.HomePage) has 9

Any idea why this is happening, and how I can correct it?



Check out my web site - www.words2u.net
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