[pmwiki-users] Cacheing pagelist results within the same page for duplicate searches?

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Fri Aug 22 08:15:15 CDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 9:08 AM, Christian Ridderström
<christian.ridderstrom at gmail.com> wrote:
> However, as the actual search criteria are identical for the three
> pagelists, and the pagelists occur on the same page, I started to wonder if
> it would be possible for pagelist to automatically cache the matching list
> of pages?

Probably PM's caching beats this hands down, but I've found that if I
do my pagelist with full selection criteria and save off just the
NAMES of the pages in a comma-separated list (as PowerTools does by
default) and then use that list for subsequent pagelists it saves a
bunch of time.  I'd be curious if anybody is actually doing benchmarks
what the actual comparison is:
   1. doing it 3 times without caching
   2. doing it 3 times with caching
   3. doing it using the name method as I'm doing

REQUIRES: WikiSh (no read or write access required), PowerTools

{(wikish set -s pagelist = "`pagelist wrap=inline group=PmWiki`")}
(:cellnr:)Sorted by creation time (most recent first)
(:cell:)Sorted by modification time (most recent first)
(:cell:)Sorted alphabetically
(:cellnr:)(:pagelist name=${pagelist}  fmt=#bygroup order=-ctime :)
(:cell:)(:pagelist   name=${pagelist}  fmt=#bygroup order=-time :)
(:cell:)(:pagelist   name=${pagelist}  fmt=#bygroup  :)

I used group=PmWIki as my selection criteria because I don't have a
bunch of pages with an obsolete PTV.  Obviously a name-based selection
like that isn't going to see much difference from the "caching", but
hopefully when it involves PTV access you would see a significant


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