[pmwiki-users] Triad and IE7 issue again: width of the content-box

Peter K.H. Gragert p.k.h.gragert at misc.utwente.nl
Thu Aug 21 02:51:19 CDT 2008



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> Onderwerp: [pmwiki-users] Triad and IE7 issue again: width of the content-

> box


> Look at these 2 screenshots:


> Site viewed with Firefox 2:

> http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/9186/wikisandboxff2sp6.png


> Site viewed with Internet Explorer 7:

> http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/1224/wikisandboxie7rk6.png


> The whole wiki page (currently at

> http://fsblendorio.netsons.org/Main/WikiSandbox) contains the only

> words: "Prova Pippo"

> So, in IE7 if the text rows are not long enough, the main content box

> is shrinked (and... it should not be).


> Really, a similar issue affects the vertical size (see

> here:http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/6007/wikisandboxie7cp0.png), but

> it doesn't hurts so much, like the one just explained.


> To try solving the main issue (width), I inserted "contentbox

> {width:100%}" into "pub/css/local.css" file, with no result.


> Does someone have an idea?


> Thanks in advance,

> Francesco



Hallo Frncesco,
I checked your site with the following result:
FF3 does as you described
IE7 too 
BUT after clicking any link in the left menu and going back to the
WikiSandbox  it look in IE7 and FF3 identiacally
So it looks like an 'initialization' error ?


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