[pmwiki-users] how do I add a meta description to pages?

Derek Lerner lernaway at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 10:07:40 CDT 2008

Thanks again for your help Scott.

Yup I've tried using (:description text:) as seen in the The Markup  
Master Index, but it does not produce the meta element that is needed  
for spiders to include a specified page description when indexed.

Currently the only information Google is indexing is the page title  
and some text from within the body of the page & if there is no text  
in the page, text in the GroupFooter is used. (:description text:) is  
being ignored completely however and my guess is that it is due to the  
below missing code...

<META name="description" content="bla bla bla...">

It does not seem as if meta descriptions are really working with  

I considered including the above meta element in my sites skin .tmpl  
file but to the best of my knowledge, this is going to produce a site  
wide effect where there is only one description for every page within  
the site.

Still at a loss.

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