[pmwiki-users] a read-only wiki

Sofia M sofiam at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 20:23:49 CDT 2008

Hi all,
For a week, I've been trying and reading up on how to make our wiki
'read only' for the world, and only editable for authorized users.
I couldn't find one place that listed all of the small things that I
needed to disable, to password-protect, etc...
And I still can't get everything to work properly.

Here's the set-up that I'd like:

1) Everything is visible to 'the world'
2) All 'edits', changes in page attributes, page creations, page
deletions, group additions, in general - any modifications at all -
are only allowed to a small group of authorized users.
3) Authorized users defined in local/config.php, each with their own
login/password, I've been trying to set that up with authuser
4) Any changes to 'Site' group are allowed only for administrator.

Seems like this should be conceptually easy to do, and in my opinion,
warrants some sort of a instructional manual - the only things I could
find on pmwiki.org were bits and pieces all in different places

Is there a page somewhere that describes how to make this set-up work?
Not just 'how to prevent users from deleting pages', or 'how to
password-protect attribute changes' - but all of this, together, with
hints on what else I might be missing


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