[pmwiki-users] no uploading...

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Fri Aug 8 22:41:13 CDT 2008

ahhh, this is intensely frustrating.
i was able to upload just a few days ago to my heart's content.
now nothing - just a stupid message saying the following: no file  
i'm running beta65.
i've gone thru the documentation, and the archive, and checked and  
double-checked my settings.
to help prove to myself that i'm not going crazy, i've even installed  
a completely fresh separate version of pmwiki on my server - it  
doesn't share anything with the site i've been working on. it too  
fails to upload.

is there any way to see exactly what's going on on my server? like a  
log of some sort?
the files i'm uploading are small, just jpegs; if i try to upload a  
slightly larger file, it takes some time (which demonstrates to me  
that it's actually uploading), and then returns the same no file  
uploaded msg...

i'm posting my settings below, but i get the feeling that they are  
alright. i wonder if this conspiracy theory might hold some weight --  
a few days ago i started complaining to my host that i was getting a  
lot of 'server not found' msgs (about 1 in every 15 saves results in  
a time-out, or unable to connect to server msg). would it be  
plausible that my host since then has changed some settings that  
affect my ability to upload?

anyhow, here are the settings for the main site:

in phpinfo:
file_uploads -- on
post_max_size -- set to 8MB (via a script i've placed in .htaccess,  
in the folder above pmwiki.php
upload_max_filesize -- 8MB

in config.php:
$EnableUpload = 1;
$HandleAuth['upload'] = 'edit';   // if you can edit, then you can  
$UploadMaxSize = 1024*1024 * 8; # limit upload file size to 8 MB  
(default is 50k)
$UploadPrefixQuota = 1024*1024 * 50; # limit group uploads to 50 MB
## allow filetypes
$UploadExtSize['mp3'] = $UploadMaxSize;
$UploadExtSize['au'] = $UploadMaxSize;
$UploadExtSize['aif'] = $UploadMaxSize;
$UploadExtSize['wav'] = $UploadMaxSize;
$UploadExtSize['mov'] = $UploadMaxSize;
$UploadExtSize['flv'] = $UploadMaxSize;
$UploadExtSize['swf'] = $UploadMaxSize;
$UploadExtSize['ogg'] = $UploadMaxSize;

i saw a recommendation somewhere in the archive about putting
	LimitRequestBody 0 ## unlimited up to 2GB
in my .htaccess file (in the home dir above pmwiki.php), but it broke  
the site when i tried it

what else?


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