[pmwiki-users] Fox Forum

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Fri Aug 8 09:57:41 CDT 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008, 2:36:43 PM, Vince Administration wrote:
> Hans,
> In setting up a Fox Forum, there is something that should be simple  
> that I can't make happen.
> What I would like is that anyone be allowed to read, but only  
> registered users be allowed to post or to create new topics.
> This is actually what happens, but when an unregistered user reads a  
> topic, the add comment form appears, and
> after attempting to post, a password form is displayed. What I would  
> prefer is not to have the comment form at all if
> the user is not registered, and perhaps a reminder with link to a  
> login page.

Do in your setup 'registered users' have page 'edit' rights?
Then you can modify FoxTemplats.FormTemplates section #newtopic
and change (:include FoxTemplates.CommentForm:)
(:if auth edit:)
(:include FoxTemplates.CommentForm:)

This will hide the commment form for non-registered (non-edit
privileged) users.

For existing topics you would need to change each topic page

to display a rweminder etc change the above to something like
(:if auth edit:)
(:include FoxTemplates.CommentForm:)
To post comments please [[Forum.Register| register]]

>  And BTW, is there a way to
> set up different permissions for adding a comment and creating a new  
> group?

I think you would need to restrict the edit priveliges to the Forum
group, using local Group customisation.

>  And is there a way for an authorized user to be
> able to edit his own posts, but not others?

To do this in a secure way you would need to use AuthUser and have
registered users login, then do conditional checks against authuser
name. Define the authuser condition as given in
and modify FoxTemplates.DisplayTemplates by changing
within the (:if ... conditional markups
    author {$$author}
    authuser {$$author}
also make sure that $author is defined in config.php with $AuthId:

# set passwords and authuser settings
#if (@$_SESSION['authid']) $Author=$_SESSION['authid'];
if ($AuthId) {
  $Author = $AuthId;

Then you would not need any author input fields, as $author is always
set by the login user name.


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