[pmwiki-users] nested-if in beta67

adam overton a at plus1plus1plus.org
Wed Aug 6 23:42:24 CDT 2008

ahhh. it appears that the newer version of nested if only accepts if-  
followed by a number, but not by a letter (the original nested-if  
does both). so:

	doesn't work:
	(:ifM false:)testing2(:elseM:)(:ifG true:)G true(:ifGend:)(:ifMend:)

	does work:
	(:if0 false:)testing2(:else0:)(:if1 true:)G true(:if1end:)(:if0end:)

i've a bunch of code that currently uses letter-if's; does anyone  
know of an easy way to modify the new if-code in stdmarkup.php? i'm  
having trouble wrapping my brain around how to do that...


On 6 Aug 2008, at 7:30 PM, adam overton wrote:

> hi
> i've just updated from beta65 to 67
> and nested i think has been incorporated
> however, this does not work on my system - does it on yours?
> 	(:ifM false:)testing2(:elseM:)(:ifG true:)G true(:ifGend:)(:ifMend:)
> thanks,
> adam

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