[pmwiki-users] Redirect to pagelist result page if only 1 result

aless alessors at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 15:44:33 CDT 2008

> A while back Pm proposed a way of enabling searches that return only  
> one page to automatically redirect to that page. Has that  
> functionality been added yet?

I found this old thread 
  where he suggests to add to the page list template you are using:

(:template last:)
(:if equal {$$PageCount} 1:)(:redirect {=$FullName}:)

At that time, though, the feature wasn't implemented and the (:redirect 
:) was simply displayed after the page list (see last two posts).

I tried the solution in the PmWiki version I have installed 
(2.2.0-beta67), and it seems that the feature hasn't been implemented 
yet. Still get the redirect displayed after the page list.


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