[pmwiki-users] form to search page names?

aless alessors at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 07:57:55 CDT 2008

Sorry to post so many questions lately. I keep trying to find out if I 
can implement my personal wikiglossary with PmWiki.

I searched the archive but I couldn't find any suitable solution.

Is it possible to create a form (standard PmWiki or Fox) to search only 
for page names? As if I insert in the standard search box:

name=*page name*

I tried to write one my own, but I could only come out with a 
reimplementation of the standard search box:

(:input form method=GET:)
(:input hidden action search:)

(:input text q {$:page_name}:)
(:input end:)

Is there a way to wrap {$:page_name} in name=*...*?


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